Sunday Report from CARIFESTA

Well, I know it's been some time since the last update. The ideal would be to have daily updates, but it's not always possible. Even today I'm writing from the Queen's College auditorium, where The Children's Teeth is scheduled to take place, which is, frankly, a school auditorium, Caribbean style, with some very nice elements to it, but also with the kinds of things we Bahamians did away with twenty-odd years ago when we were building auditoria. Not to say that we were right to do so - but just that we did. Money changes many things, not all of them for the better.Queen's College Auditorium from outsideAnd anyway, what I meant to say about this post, being written from Queen's College, is that I'm not online here, and I'll have to wait to get back to one of the residences to upload it. So it may not appear till this evening.Or earlier, if the show is rained out.So let's get some history here. I'll split this into posts that can update on their own, so that there'll be some activity on this site. I'll start with Thursday (Thursday was a very low day indeed), then I'll move on to Friday and yesterday, and then there'll be today. Which is an underwater day.Check later.