CARIFESTA X: Second Report

First off, a note:  though I want to update regularly -- every day if possible -- there's a teeny-weeny issue to do with connectivity.  We're online intermittently today -- the hotel's upgrading its system and of course the accompanying result is less internet service rather than more.  Presumably it's a temporary situation -- connectivity was better yesterday and the day before.  On the other hand, it could get worse when all the people get here -- the hotel is full for CARIFESTA.  We shall see.So today was a fun day.  It really started yesterday, while we were at the DDL houses, and Vola got a phonecall from the man dealing with the trailers letting us know that the Bahamas' container was not in Guyana.  This is the container, yes, that was packed during the first week of July and that was sent before Independence (July 10th).  (What date is it now?  Oh.)  This is the container that we made a big deal about sending, this is the container that we engaged a broker (I will not call the name) to help us ensure it was going where it was supposed to go, this was the container ...Where is the container now, today, the day before the day before the festival starts?In Freeport, Bahamas.At the other end of the Caribbean Sea.  Beyond Cuba.Further north than Nassau.Well, OK, it went from Nassau to Miami and then back (WHY?????).  And then it stopped.And after all the hoo-ha and to-do about the bill of lading from the brokers, they couldn't tell us the container hadn't left The Bahamas to head south yet?Such is the fate of these things.  A good deal of our presentation is in that container, including instruments, artefacts, books, costumes, and sets.  Whoopee-doopee doo. So what next?We're still waiting for the accommodation to be paid in full.We're still waiting for our accreditation to be finished in full.We're still waiting for our contingent to get on that charter and fly out here without too many surprises.It's quite a job, let me tell you, waiting.