Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • RT @lordstreet: Playwrights Workshop presents A TRIPTYCH OF PLAYS at TTW from August 13th. Don't miss them!!!!!! (cont) #
  • OK Bahamas. Time for the revolution. Too long now we been ruled by drones. #
  • RT @MoveOn Google: Say no to VZN to kill #netneutrality Don't be evil! #
  • Uh ... hello ... anybody got any info re the BTC outage? #
  • Reporting some BTC weirdness: We're sorry, all circuits are busy now. WTF? Did we flash forward? #
  • Yes I am preparing to prepare semester plans. #
  • Trying to get my head around the next 2 months. Back to work, Shakespeare in Paradise, wrap-up toto 5 & getting ready for toto 6 - no joke. #
  • First week in forever I made NO tweets. Yes I'm still alive yo. #
  • RTing Rob b/c don't hear from him much: RT @oppcabb must question my habits, such as squeezing empty cans before throwing them in the bin #

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