Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Hear hear! #
  • Sustainability is a joke. Water in the desert. We should be smart as whips. #
  • Nassau would shrivel to dust if we couldn't rely on barged fresh water from Andros. No way that 250000 ppl should survive on this lil island #
  • Am being charitable & guessing that the barge couldn't make it across the Tongue of the Ocean this week #tropicalstormbonnie #
  • No water in the tap this morning. TTL I was raised in the 1970s & know how to live without running water. #tropicalstorm #
  • Olive Senior talks tomorrow @ COB. Lecture theatre in the Tourism complex. 7 PM. Reads Sunday at PopOp. #BWSI #
  • More to the point. When leaving the meeting I ran into Olive Senior in town for #BWSI & she remembered me from Miami 1992. #
  • We shall see. Time will tell & it longer than rope. Nuff said. #
  • Not the greatest fan of resorts but I met with a rep of this group back in 2003 & they still spinning the same line:a truly Bahamian resort #
  • Went to a very interesting meeting yesterday at Baha Mar - - if they deliver what they say it'll be exciting. & fresh. #
  • TriniBahamian poet Christian Campbell shortlisted for Forward Prize. Bigups to Christian!!! #
  • Hailing all Caribbean artists: Go follow @Carifringe!! #
  • I love the @CRB! Even if I am a delinquent. #

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