It's April

and the USA is celebrating National Poetry Month.  Not that (a) we're American, or that (b) we should do what our northern neighbours do, but it occurs to me that it wouldn't harm us to have national months for some reason or another.The problem is that nothing our governments decide seem to stick anymore.  As soon as a different party gets into power, decisions are reversed, amended, rewritten, recast.  It's all a matter of scoring points, it would seem -- not a matter of national anything.  The PLP, while they were in power, removed the face of Stafford Sands from the $10 bill and sidelined One Bahamas in such a way that people forgot what it was/what it meant (Independence, not One Bahamas, was the priority).  The FNM this go-round have redesigned Urban Renewal and recast the move of the container port; we have yet to see what significance the thirty-fifth anniversary of Bahamian independence will bring.It all seems rather petty, and extremely absurd.And what's more, it's all in utter disregard of the wants or needs of the Bahamian people at large.But all that's by the way.  I started to write about what April's doing in other countries.  If you want, you can receive a poem a day from the Academy of American Poets.  I've subscribed.  You can also write a poem a day for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), and if you want a community, you can post it here.But I think it's time we started thinking about our nation, and what we want it to do.  Together.  Forward, upward, and onward.