What we are missing in The Bahamas, it would seem, is the ability to lose, or win, competition well.

Here's what the new Prime Minister has to say about the elections and their results.

Now Perry Christie tells his supporters that he has some reports of election irregularities that his legal team will investigate.We heard the reports too; plenty reports.Cars burned down in Kennedy, able-bodied persons having people to vote for them.I am ashamed that on Perry Christie’s watch there was more political interference in the electoral process than at any time, even under Pindling.Let history record that Perry Christie is no democrat – he is out, he must stay out.

Here's what Bahamas Uncensored has to say about what the new Prime Minister said.

The Free National Movement will be responsible for the largest increase in crime within the next two years in The Bahamas. They have used hooligans and thugs to intimidate, marauding up and down the streets of New Providence to accomplish their victory and to celebrate and maintain it. The nastiness in which they have engaged is unprecedented in the history of our country.

Do I really have to make a comment?