Update on election results - final numbers

Votes CastTotal Registered Voters: 150743Total Votes Cast: 137578Percentage: 91.27%Popular Vote by PartyBDM 1186 0.86% IND 3208 2.33%PLP 64684 47.02%FNM 68500 49.79%Difference: 3816 2.77%Total SeatsFNM 23 56.1%PLP 18 43.9%Difference: 5 12.2%*Why am I posting these? you may wonder. The strife is over, the battle won. Why care about numbers?Precisely because they are numbers. There have been so many words, most of them nonsensical, written or spoken about these elections, that it seems to me that the more information -- the more facts -- we have the better. We can play with the numbers any way we like. They are open for analysis, and analysis leads to spin. But I believe that it's important that people get to create their own spin.Spin away, peeps.More at the links below.