Top Ten Caribbean Works of Literature

I linked earlier (though late in the game) to Geoffrey Philip's semi-formal survey of the top ten works of Caribbean fiction.The process was two-tiered. The first part prepared a shortlist of twelve Caribbean works to be considered. This was done by a process of online nomination -- you could enter any book you thought was worthy of the honour -- and ended on the weekend. This part is a process of voting.I find the list interesting, if a little skewed. I admit that I misunderstood the purpose of the list, and tried to restrict my nominations to books I've actually read. Result: one big gun, in particular, is missing from the shortlist that should have been there -- Wilson Harris. But if I'm honest, I have never had the strength to finish his novels, as wide and meandering as the Demerara and as dense as the Guyanese interior. The list also betrays the probable age of the submitters -- it's weighted towards the mid-twentieth century.Anyhow, go vote for your top ten Caribbean works of fiction.