Belated Happy New Year

And there're many reasons why 2007 is an important year for The Bahamas:

  • Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (March 25, 1807)
  • Sixty-Fifth Anniversary of the 1942 Burma Road Riot/Uprising (June 1-2, 1942)
  • Sixty-Fifth Anniversary of the introduction of the Secret Ballot in New Providence (1942)
  • Forty-Fifth Anniversary of the First Votes cast by Women (January 10, 1967)
  • Fortieth Anniversary of Majority Rule in The Bahamas (January 10, 1967)
  • Thirtieth Anniversary of the First Woman Elected to Bahamian Parliament (July 19, 1977)

And here's a specific reason why 2007 is an important year for my family:

  • 20th anniversary of my father's death (August 24, 1987)

We thought you'd like to know.