So I've been on sabbatical.Well, if one were to be pedantic, it wouldn't strictly be a sabbatical, which means literally something that falls seventh, like the Sabbath day, or the seventh year of employment which should be a year of rejuvenation and refocussing. But I've taken a break, anyway, from Essays on Life. It's been a break that's been full of other things, like CARIFESTA and its aftermath and the vacation we took in the wake of that, and it's been used (but only in part) to prepare old essays for publication so that people can, if they want to, walk around with Essays on their person.And it's been a break that's tried to refocus Essays on Life; I've been thinking about and planning an interlocking series that digs at issues that underlie the ones I've hitherto written about. You may find that the essays get a little less accessible, though I hope that won't be the case. I do hope that they will draw a little more on my anthropological training, which I have found invaluable in shaping the way I see the world. But anyway.You'll see in good time.Till then.