Being a Bahamian Woman

I'm catching up on my blog-reading, today, and I come across this post by Lynn Sweeting.I'm not going to say too much about it. Lynn's writing is powerful enough to speak for itself. But it's a story that has to be shared, one that has to be told, and one that can't be ignored.Here's the beginning:

Dear Sista,Four silent weeks have passed since that day you were so horribly victimized by the officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, three since we sat down and talked about it. You told me the entire story, how they barged in that Sunday morning and took you away in nothing but a towel, and kept you there at the station naked for four nightmarish hours, in the public waiting area, handcuffed, breasts exposed, having nothing at all on but a small towel over your lap. You told me how that unknown mother spoke up for you, demanding of the four policemen on duty to allow you to put something on and how they ignored her. By that time, you said, you had gone into shock.

Do you care? Then read the rest.