If you read French

You'll find this blog entry as amusing as I did.(Not to worry, I'll translate to the best of my ability by the end of the day.)What it does is illustrate the attitude of many people on this side of the Atlantic — beyond the coasts of Africa, in fact — about "Africa" and its "problems". I include it because it's important to make a point. Just as Bahamians take offence when people confuse us with Barbadians or Bermudians or, God forbid, Jamaicans, citizens of the various countries in Africa take offence — even when it's reported as absurdity — people from the African continent do the same. And to be honest, there are more differences between various African cultures and nations than there are between any Caribbean or American country.Google-translated version here, courtesy, I do believe, of Rick Lowe.I can use the weekend to do a less stilted translation than the computer.