It's been a while

since I visited Laila's blog, but I thought this post was pertinent to us here and now.Edwidge Danticat is a Haitian-American novelist, and considered one of the finest contemporary writers. What she has to say about the current American immigration policies should have resonance for us, because it is equally true of our ambivalence.When she writes

Should we desire in our midst a group of people only when they’re willing to do for less pay the work that our own citizens find too grueling, too demeaning, or too hazardous? The moral question aside, what does it say about our own societal structure that we cannot within our own borders make these jobs more appealing and more humane for our own citizens?The bottom line is we’d like our immigrants to be disposable, to work when we need them, then disappear when we don’t.

she's spot on.Laila's postThe Danticat article