Today's the day

Shakespeare in Paradise 2014 soft-opens today with the first student matinee of Romeo and Juliet.I'm juggling many plates! Keeping them all in the air is challenging at the very least, and the beginning of October is the time when they all fly up and some of them come crashing down. The one I always have to catch and keep from shattering, though, is Shakespeare in Paradise.This year's festival opens on Friday coming, but Romeo and Juliet goes into previews with four student matinees. Our matinees are sold out--high schools from all over the country (I kid you not!) are sending students to see the production.  Really. There is a school group flying in from Inagua, with Morton Salt's help. Our festival has hit the (mini) big time.That's the main reason I haven't posted as I would like here. I have scores of ideas but sitting down to write them requires an hour here and there that I can't always find. Still -- take advantage of what you have, Nico, so here you go.SiP 2014's train's a-rollin'. And I'm rollin' right on with it.