Again, for those of you who aren't bloggers and who don't use Wordpress, apologies. But I've upgraded, and am happy happy happy with the new administrative interface.So there.What I'm not so happy about -- what's panicking me somewhat -- is how fast the days go by. Too bloody fast, if you ask me. I have a whole list of draft posts that were started but not finished before me, and I'm slipping into some despair as to whether they will ever be finished.Time for some June cleaning, methinks!

I am reviewing the situation

re moving the blog. It's huge and it's going to take some time. Eventually it'll happen but ignore the last post; it will not happen this week.I'm going to take the mirror site offline till I get all the kinks worked out.In the meantime, enjoy this one, the one and only original Blogworld.Weirdness happened with this latest upgrade -- the behind-the-scenes issues got fixed!!! No need anymore to move this!Eventually I may get a very special site with its own title but maybe not now.*happy dance*