Warning: Going to Upgrade Again

Now.WordPress 2.6 is not a major upgrade like 2.5, but it's an upgrade anyway.  And upgrading runs risks.Not that this has been the most active blog in the recent past (I have a lot to say but no real liberty of saying it) but people do stop by every now and then.I wish to warn you that what I'm about to do may take this blog offline (again) for a while (again).  Please be patient if that happens and check back periodically until it's up again.Of course, after all this drama, it will all go swimmingly and all will be well.We can only hope.

Quick Question

I've been looking for a three-column theme for some time.  I saw this one, Simplicity by Teli Design and liked it, simply because it's got three columns and it works.  But I like the red of the other, and I like the width of the blog entry column.I'm thinking of leaving this one up here for the weekend.  I'd love feedback from readers to let me know whether I should leave it as is or return to Bloody Contempt.Eventually, when I've got the time, I'll get it just right.  But for now, I've got to make do with the blog themes of Mama Bear or Papa Bear, I'm afraid.

Please bear with me

I'm playing around with themes. I haven't quite mastered code yet and so my attempts at customizing them are clumsy at best. The result is that I'm trying different things and checking out different themes.I have a secret blog on wordpress.com, which is a blog-hosting site not unlike blogger (but smaller) and I use this theme, Contempt, on it. I liked the look and thought I'd try it on something bigger.Here's what I like about it. I like the page tabs at the top, though I'm only using one of them. I like the way the theme displays categories etc down the side. I like the fact it's not dark like the last theme.The only thing I don't like but can live with is the fact that when you go to categories you get truncated, not full posts.If anybody has feedback, let me know what you think.