Pure Fawkery

A new Bahamian blog:

Bahamian proms are nothing more than an opportunity to showcase what is wrong with our country. It is showcase of an unmerited extravaganza where the participants compete to "one up" each other for public acclaim and fame. The arrival to the prom outweighs the actual ceremony....Sadly, many parents feed into this fawkery never focusing on the child’s education, but are the number one cheerleaders of their child. They watch with glee as their child exits the stretched limousine which was escorted by two motor cycles, in a thousand dollar dress that exposes more flesh than it covers. They are screaming and cheering as they drown their child in a shower of camera flashes like the paparazzi at the latest movie premiere. All of this for a few moments, but after the revelry and adulation is done, what is next?I can only hope that those persons spending outlandish amounts of money on a prom have already secured entry into and finances for tertiary education. Having a thousand dollar outfit with a ten cent brain is just #pure fawkery.via Pure Fawkery.