Happy Majority Rule Day

When exactly are we going to make this a national day of observance?Last year, efforts were made to remind our people of the significance of this day, which, despite the failures of the present, was such an achievement that it inspired Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison to study The Bahamas in crafting a new South Africa.This year, a pretty general silence.Well, I for one will observe this day -- a day that made it possible for my father, my mother and my uncles and aunts to hold the positions they held in the late twentieth century, and for which basic freedoms our forefathers fought. If you're black, brown, tan, beige, golden, milky coffee, ecru, or ivory, no matter what color shirt you wear, go read some history; chances are that without the victory of January 10 you would not be where you are now.So: Happy Majority Rule Day. Let's grow some respect and some ideals. Neither is a waste of time.