Chasing the storm on Paradise Island

[youtube]What we're witnessing are the tropical storm force winds, perhaps Hurricane Cat 1 winds, hitting Paradise Island. Both amusing (for the commentary) and impressive (the weather itself).Word of caution to all visitors: Paradise Island is a barrier island, protecting one of the most sheltered harbours in the Atlantic. Atlantis is not the place I would choose to stay during any hurricane. It's important to note that the resort has not weathered any direct hits from major hurricanes. The only hurricane to pass directly over Nassau in recent times (i.e. since perhaps David in 1979) was Michelle in 2001, and that was a considerably weakened storm (Cat 1 down from 4. with surges of 5-8 feet (and it also crossed Nassau from the south-west, which was unusual)). But during Hurricane Betsy, which struck from the north-east, and during the 1929 hurricane, the most devastating one to hit New Providence in the 20th century, waves crashed over the top of the Paradise Island lighthouse. True, Irene wasn't a great threat; the size of the hurricane, the location of the eye, and the fact that NP was only going to get tropical storm force winds made staying at Atlantis a good bet. But I wouldn't do it myself.