Too damn much to do

Still catching up on deadlines from the beginning of the year.Here's the thing. Walking a tightrope of obligations has this difficulty: if something should throw you off, it's really hard to get back up again.Among other things, I'm working on:

  • A long, long overdue review for the Caribbean Review of Books (Nicholas will finally get this out of the way)
  • Another review for the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (will I make it?)
  • Shakespeare in Paradise search for sponsors
  • Directing Dis We Tings for Shakespeare in Paradise
  • finishing off this issue of tongues of the ocean and preparing for issue 9
  • thinking about courses for next semester, which starts in *gulp* three weeks or so
  • thinking about the next set of Essays on Life I want to write, on democracy
  • putting together poems for publication
  • A whole bunch of other stuff that people keep inviting me to do. Moral of this story: don't. I may not exactly say "no" but you won't get what you want from me. Give me another six months or so to get caught up!