New Directions

Did I ever mention that when I left my job as Director of Culture I was worried that I might be bored?Well, it's true. That job was so all-encompassing, so jealous, so plantation-rooted and enslaving that I was really scared I might not have enough to do. So I started inventing stuff:

to be exact.I needn't have worried. Here we are, a year and a half later, and boredom is the last thing from my mind. So un-bored have I been, in fact, that I haven't had the chance to write a whole lot on this blog.Well, we hope that that is going to change. Yes, there are things that have to be done for all of the above -- set up this month's issue of tongues, which goes live this Sunday (not much of a breather this past issue, two weeks off and we're right back again), focussing full-time on Shakespeare in Paradise, work with the group that grew out of Day of Absence in many ways, the Bahamas Arts Collective.But this blog needs a new direction. I've got ideas, but not sure how they're going to ripen really. They will be in play mostly for the summer; the rest of the time I'll be busy with other things. But watch this space.In the meantime, the twitter digest lets you all know I still living.As you were.