Recessing and Vacating

The last post generated some discussion over on Facebook, where I import posts from Blogworld, and where a lot of discussion takes place. Here's some of what was said:

Dennis Jones: Got to say I am not impressed. Starts with a good false premise about locals and conch fritters, then...'seeks to educate' those who presumably dont know the island either. Suggestion: why not offer an equally well written view of The Bahamas as seen by Bahamians and see if the FT publish it. I will wager they don't.

Ishmael Smith: hmmmmmn. creations of alternative authenticies in liminal spaces? chuckle

More was said, but I haven't got permission yet to quote everybody. The point is that Dennis is on to something, and I think I'm going to have to try and take him up on the challenge. Don't know if I'll go as far as sending it to the FT, but who knows?Off to ponder ... and to consider this little morsel:

[Bahamas] Ministry of Tourism denying Bahamian filmmakers opportunity while using Bahamian money to launch the careers of 14 UK filmmakers? Winner gets $20k cash, Red Carpet Premiere at BAFTA (UK Oscars) etc.

That will be the topic of discussion on GEMS tomorrow, so it's worth listening in. Don't know the ins, outs, truths, or fictions of it but it's worth checking.