More on Wavell

While we were having the issues with comments and then with the blog itself, I received the following communication from Carolyn Pirani, an old friend of Wavell.  She'd tried to post this as a comment, but couldn't.  Here it is:

I tried to post this message on your blog when I came across the tributes to Wavell, but it was flagged from my computer and may not have come through.
 “Sad news indeed. Wavell was best man at our wedding in 1967.  He and my husband Ali first met on the train from London to Dundee to start their medical training at St. Andrew's University on the blustery East coast of Scotland - a far cry from both Nassau and Kampala!  We were not in close contact over the years but we do have great memories of a visit to Nassau about 12 years ago, and, of course, those crazy student days. My favourite memory of that time is when he asked me to bleach his hair for a charity fundraiser, but did not allow enough time for the solution to work and spent the next few weeks with a head of bright orange hair!

Rest in peace, Wavell.” 

Wavell was my husband’s closest friend at university and although we lost regular contact over the last 40 years, they were in email contact until a few months ago when Ali lost all his email contacts in a computer crash.  He was trying to re-establish contact when we came across his death announcement which has shaken us.  If you are interested, I do have a photo of Wavell from 1967 which I could scan.

Carolyn PiraniAbbotsford, BC