A Note about the Blog

Ladies and gentlemen:Over the past week or so my web host has been upgrading its servers.A number of issues have arisen as a result.  One of them was that my spam filter got disabled.  Not a huge problem for readers, as I moderate all my comments, but it was a big deal for me.But now there's a more serious problem:  all the comments on this blog have disappeared.The problem is server-side, to be sure.  But there are some people who have been trying to publish comments lately, and have been rejected.  Not your fault, or even mine; it's the server.  ALL of my comments are gone.I'll try deal with it.  I'll try get them back.  I do have back-ups, and thankfully I've been too busy to be updating this blog too much lately, so chances are that most of your comments will be retrieved.  In the meantime, be patient.These things happen.Cheers!