Grief Overload; Different Maps

I have been dreaming about the dead for a month now, about all those who died, in our opinions, before their time. Whatever that means. Today we remember another one: Winston Saunders, who died a year ago today in Jamaica.And just for today, I'm posting something completely different. This is from the website Strange Maps, which I visit from time to time, and which never disappoints, though sometimes stuff posted there is more interesting to other people than to me.Here's a map called "North America, the Balkans Version". Laying aside the various chauvinisms in the title (which I'm not ascribing to the creator of Strange Maps, by the way) -- the exclusion of Mexico and Central America from the continent, the non-recognition of any islands but ours (The Bahamas) and those already part of the US and Canada, and the north-west European use of "Balkans", it's a very interesting concept, orginated by Matthew White, and well worth exploring and thinking about.I offer it for your ponderation.US, balkanized