Seven Wonders of the World

Well, the new Seven Wonders of the World have been announced.Not surprisingly, the Caribbean hasn't been included. Maybe one of the reasons is that we tend to think pretty small, with the result that we haven't created anything of the magnitude of the edifices listed here.  Maybe there are other reasons too, but let's just make a note of the fact for now.Bajegirl has chosen to rectify the oversight by posting her Seven Wonders of the Caribbean.  They are cool, but they're all natural.Needless to say, The Bahamas has not been included in that list. So let me just open this thread up for suggestions, and provide just three with which to begin:The Tongue of the OceanThe Andros Barrier ReefDeans Blue Hole, Long Island (words don't express)bluedean1.jpgAnybody want to play?