Race, prejudice, and other things

Over on Weblog Bahamas, Rick Lowe has joined the dialogue in a formal way. He's posted an essay of his that was published in The Bahama Journal some 10 years ago for consideration. I suggest you go read it, and remember there are always many sides to the same story. He provides one white Bahamian's perspective on the issue.He also has some pretty cool links attached to it. One of the coolest is this one, which is about Thomas Clarkson and his struggle to end the transatlantic slave trade.This is what dialogue leads to: perspectives you haven't really ever considered because you haven't ever asked to hear them. It's damn easy to assume stuff about the world, history, other people. What is hard to do -- and to accept -- is listen to other people's realities. But unless and until we force ourselves to face other people's realities, we will never go beyond our own.OK -- UWC-inspired platitudes over. Carry on.