The Results of the General Election

The governing party has changed.Apart from my cynicism, as expressed below, what this means from the point of view of posterity is that the PLP government of 2002-2007 has made history by being the first one-term government to hold office in the independent Bahamas.There is something else that is historic. This is the first non-landslide victory since 1968. The unofficial results as they are being reported are as follows: Free National Movement 24 seats, Progressive Liberal Party 17 seats. This gives us the first opposition that is considerably larger than one-third of the House of Assembly. The win is a decisive one, but not an overwhelming one. This spread may not seem tight to people outside of The Bahamas, but it is a new thing in our democracy, where swings tend to be major. How this will work remains to be seen. It is not likely that it will change the outcome of legislation hugely, but it does provide more scope for sensible debate on issues, rather than hot-airing of personal differences.At least, I hope so. This is the kind of opposition for which I have been waiting and watching for all my life. Whether it will do its job remains to be seen.