Things change, and we change with it.Much as I like the look of this site, I'm finding limitations with the theme that are slowing me down, as well as holding me back from doing what needs to be done with the information I want to share.I could tweak, but I don't have the time.So I'm thinking of changing the layout of this blog.I'm going to take my time about it, because I don't have a whole lot of that, but don't be surprised or dismayed if one day you come here and the place looks different.Cheers.---edit: I've been in touch with Brian Gardner, the author of the Blue Zinfandel theme I've adapted for Blogworld, and I want to say two things: one, that the theme I was finding limiting was the old theme, Teli Adlam's Simplicity, which seems no longer to be supported, and which hadn't been updated for a couple of years. And two, thanks to Brian, I've been able to tweak this one even more so that it does just about everything I want it to. Yay.


edit #2: I've discovered that there are pretty massive problems with the Red Zinfandel theme in Internet Explorer, which is a bummer, so back to Simplicity Red I go for now. When I have time to tweak again, I'll do so.*sigh*

edit #3: Brian Gardner kindly offered to look at my code and do some tweaking for me. As of now, things are considerably better.Thanks, Brian!