The danger of anchor properties

Chris Lowe on Weblog Bahamas makes a point that's been concerning me for a while. The thing about the islands in which the anchor properties are going to be located is that there's going to be a radical change in the way in which people live. To wit:

The thing is that within their communities they are equals.

If I have water all have water. If one's power is off, all power is off.

If I'm eating fish, we all have fish. When the mail comes, it comes for us all.

It has been this way for generations, and there is a certain equilibrium that has been maintained with the common understanding that the burdens and tasks of this type of community life must be shared.

Now though, the Anchor arrives, crown land sold cheap by Nassau political opportunists who tout from the capital the benefits to the community of an oversized development smack dab in the middle of their idyllic existence, an existence little understood by the hooked developer who sees profits in the scenery unspoiled but by subsistence living of a few who know what they have.

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