Yet another update - hope springs

Dear Sista, I hope this letter finds you alright. I wonder if you realize that when you bravely told your story to us, you were waking up the world.Officials of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Training College heard you tell of your ordeal and they are responding brilliantly, they are taking proactive and positive measures now to make sensitivity to domestic violence issues a much greater part of their training. They heard your voice and want you to know that the policemen who arrested and detained you without allowing you to dress should never have done such a thing. The Good Guys of the Police Force heard you sista, and want to make it right.

It's easy enough to criticize.  Finding fault is not just something that can happen without a huge amount of effort; it's also often something that helps people with low self-esteem make themselves feel better.  And so it's heartening to follow Lynn Sweeting's letters to the woman whose experience at the hands of the Bahamian police, and see that she's telling every side of the story.This is her third letter, posted on her blog.  In her second, she expressed hope that the woman's story would make a difference, would galvanize the police force to act.  In this one, she's commending the Royal Bahamas Police Force for their action.It's also a letter of encouragement to support somebody who took the hard road — the telling of her story.Anyway, here's what Lynn said.