Marlon James on the Great White Hope

The man's got a point. I'm linking to his post because I agree with him about the movies, but I'm not sure I agree with him wholly about the African-European thing. He's correct, as far as that goes, but I believe that atrocity is a function of being human, not of wearing any so-called race or culture on your skin or in your heart. Violence and war warp minds — not that it takes a whole lot to warp human minds. What American soldiers do to Iraqi civilians, what terrorists plan for their victims, what the powerful of any nation do to the powerless — these are the actions of human beings. Not one of us is exempt.Which is why I agree with him about the movies (though it doesn't stop me enjoying some of them), and the oh-so-recurrent theme of the altruistic European navigating his or her challenged way through the near-savagery of the non-European.