Happy May

So the lights have been out on Blogworld for a week or so.  Reason?  Business travel.  Not a good reason, you say; you can carry the computer with you when you go, you say.  And I say, true.  But I can't carry the internet.You see, the travel has mostly been to other islands in the archipelago.  I would've said Family Islands, except that one of the islands was Grand Bahama and Grand Bahamians seem to take offence when they're called Family Islanders, especially those who reside in Freeport.The schedule went like this:Monday - Long IslandTuesday - Long IslandWednesday - ExumaThursday - Grand BahamaAnd then I left the country and flew off to New Orleans to attend the Jazz and Heritage Festival.  Came in this afternoon.Not much time to think, let alone write.  So there that is.But happy Maytide anyway.