An Official Apology

This is an apology for anybody, if there is anybody, who checks this blog on a regular (read weekly) basis. I have not been very productive lately ( and that is an understatement). Life, and work, are getting in the way.I have several articles on burners. I'll leave you with a list of the ideas before I finish this post. However, this post is my way of saying keep watching this space; I will be back.I've been fortunate lately for having had my articles moved from the Thursday Guardianto the Weekender. They've gained a new audience there. The advantage of that is that I'm able to run some of the older articles -- those from 2003, which were first run on Mondays in the Guardian.I've posted most of those on Bahama Pundit. They're already here. All of my articles are here.The disadvantage of this is that I don't have anything new to post on this blog.Apologies. I hope to update more frequently -- weekly -- in the new year.Ideas of articles I'm working on (working titles):On Building a National TheatreOn By Any Means NecessaryOn the Politics of Race OR On Losing Independence OR On the Conspiracy of Theory (same article, no right title yet)On Intellectual PropertyOn By the Way CultureIf you have comments, feel free to respond.Oh, and --Merry Christmas.