On Big Winds

Anybody who knows me well knows that I have a thing about hurricanes. I've had it for a good quarter century, and it has led me to conclude that we Bahamians do hurricanes well.Either that, or Americans do them badly. I am always amazed at the death tolls and the property damage that hurricanes do in the USA -- often the same storms that we have experienced here in the Bahamas, and sometimes even at greater force. And that leads me to my topic today. What is it about us that enables us to weather storms relatively well?Well, first off, I don't believe it's because we're God's modern chosen. I'm not discounting the power of prayer by any means, but for me to believe that would have me believe that the only reason we have been spared is that we're better Christians, and God loves us more than other people. And I'm not prepared to accept that. I don't believe that there were no good praying Christians in the Twin Towers, or that there are no good Christians in Jamaica, Nicaragua or the Carolinas.Anyway, we aren't spared the storms. The Bahamas is a big place, after all, and while some islands are less likely to be hit than others, some place in the Bahamas is hit by a hurricane at least once every one to two years. That's enough to make it routine.

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